Rental Policy and Resources


The Morgan-Wixson Theatre has 201 seats in a typical proscenium seating configuration. Seats are arranged in three sections across the auditorium – center, left and right. There is no orchestra or balcony section.


Though this theater was constructed before any ADA laws were passed, the Morgan-Wixson Theatre tries to provide for those with limited mobility issues – as well as using certain areas at the back of the auditorium for wheelchair seating.

Rental Policies

We regularly rent to professional and community patrons our Stage as well as our Rehearsal Hall. The theater is available for rent to a variety of production and/or rehearsal concerns. These spaces are also available for staged readings, lectures, classes, or workshops. Although the rental rates vary on a sliding scale from day-to-day, the average rental rate for our Stage is about $800.00/day. This day rate allows you a maximum of eight (8) hours of time per day. In addition you must pay for one of our technicians at the rate of $35.00/hr for every hour that you are in the theater. The Rehearsal Hall rate is available for about $60.00/hr, with a technician rate of $25.00/hr.

We rent to a full variety of concerns. From one-person shows, musical concerts, dance shows, pageants, recitals to full, theatrical stage shows, as well as television and film productions. We are proud to say that many of our rentals are to a variety of multi-cultural concerns, including Latino, Middle Eastern and Asian presentations.

However, it must be pointed out that the hardest part of renting from us is procuring your desired dates. We are a producing theater that has a full annual season of adult as well as children’s productions. In addition we host an annual rental to an independent children’s theater training program. And though we welcome all outside rentals, you might well imagine that between all of our rehearsal and performance demands we have a rather heavy demand load for our stage and rehearsal spaces. Nevertheless, we do still tend find a few dates here and there for outside events throughout the year. So please call the Rental Manager, William Wilday at 310-210-1663, or email him at, in order to negotiate your best availability. Please keep in mind that the summer months, especially in August, and the month of December usually tend to be much more available for outside events.

For a copy of our rental rates please refer to the link, RENTAL RATE SHEET. And for a sample copy of our rental contract please refer to the link, MWT Contract Form.

Resource Rentals

Over the years we have developed a relatively large resource of theatrical Scenery, Props, Costumes and Stage Equipment which are also available for rent from time to time.

And although we are still compiling a comprehensive inventory of all of these materials you may nevertheless refer to our link of our Technical Specification Sheet in order to get some ideas of these available resources. These rental rates are negotiable per event. Please contact our Rental Manager or Costume Manager, Anne Gesling, in order to make specific arrangements for these types of rentals.