The Stage
The Stage is essentially a traditional Proscenium type that is 30’ wide by approximately 14’ high. There is a 14’ deep apron extension in front of the proscenium that has its own offstage wings right and left. We call these the “Wells”. Behind the proscenium arch the stage goes back another 23 feet to our Cyclorama. The offstage wings are each approximately 13 feet long (See “Stage Plan” link below for details). There is NO MAIN CURTAIN for our stage – although there is a fly batten, available just a few inches upstage of the proscenium arch, for you to hang one of your own. In lieu of a stage curtain we have a stage wide, FIRE CURTAIN that covers the entire upstage side of the proscenium opening. There is no orchestra area. For visual reference plaese review the STAGE PLAN and STAGE SECTION links.

Stage Dimensions
Width of Proscenium Opening: 30′-0″
Height of Proscenium Opening: 13′-10″.
Depth of Extended Apron, downstage from Proscenium to Audience: 14′-0″.
Depth of Stage, upstage from Proscenium to Cyclorama: 22′-11″


The Auditorium
The Morgan-Wixson Theatre has 201 seats in a typical proscenium seating configuration. Seats are arranged in three sections across the auditorium – center, left and right. There is no orchestra or balcony section. For visual reference, please review the THEATER HOUSE PLAN link.

Green Room
This measures approx. 13′ x 21′. It’s located adjacent to the dressing rooms. And adjacent to the Green Room are two separate restrooms and Dressing Rooms. Within the Green Room there are Sofas, Wall Mirrors, a Microwave, two, kitchen-size refrigerators with freezers, and a distilled water dispenser. The Page/Monitor and CCTV System in this area provides for audio and video monitoring of the stage. The stage is located about fifteen (15) feet down the hall from the Green Room.

Load-In Stage Door
This is located upstage-most right. it is a double, barn-door that leads out to the backyard. It measures approx. 6′ wide and 10′ high.

Dressing Rooms
The theater has two dressing rooms; one with a capacity for 12 people, the other with a capacity for 18 people. Each have wall-lined, make-up mirrors with perimeter lights; and fixed, room-long, two-sided clothes racks. There are outlets along the mirror walls for electrical plug-ins.

Costume Shop
Located on the second floor of an attached building attached to the theater house. It is 21’-9” x 28’-9” with an 8’-3” height to the ceiling rafter beams. The costume shop located on the second floor is used as the wardrobe room for the Theatre. Large work tables, hanging space, steamer, sewing machines, irons, ironing boards are available with prior consent from the Costume Shop Manager. There is no washing machine or dryer on site.

Carpentry Shop
Located on the ground floor of the building attached to the theater house. It consists of two different areas:
– 8’-6” x 29’-5” area which houses the radial arm saw, new lumber storage and power tool storage.
– 28’ x 29’-5” area which houses the table saw, paint area and support equipment and supplies storage. Large “barn doors” , approx. 6′-8″ high  x 12′ wide, open out from the shop into the backyard space.

Rehearsal Hall
Located on the second floor of an attached building attached to the theater house. It is 29’-5” x 28’-9” with an 8’-3” height to the ceiling rafter beams. Beams are 6” thick x 14” wide. One 28’-9” side wall is covered with wall high mirrors. The opposite side wall provides for a 6’ wide storage area.

Control Room (Tech Booth)
Located at the rear of the auditorium and up one floor from the auditorium floor. It’s a 19’-2” wide x 12’-10”deep room with an 8’ high ceiling. There is a Page/Monitor System that provides for booth monitoring of the FOH stage area.

This booth houses the following:

– A 96 channel, digital lighting control board (48/96, ETC) and computer monitor.

– Dimmer rack system for lighting control.

– A 24 channel, sound control and mixer board (Yamaha O2R).

– Two CD players in rack system, (Tascam, CD-401 MKII).

– Two Followspots (Strong Trouperette III, 1000 watt)

– Small mixer control for booth intercom to stage.

Technical Measurements
The information included in this outline is usable for general purposes and non-critical measurements. Separate technical drawings made from actual measurements of the space are available upon request. They can be provided in either digital form, as AutoCad drawings, or as PDFs. Please contact our Rental Manager, William Wilday, at 424-227-6091. Or email him at


Loading Dock
There is no formal Loading Dock for the theater. However, from the outside the entrance used for this purpose is at ground level from our backyard storage. It opens directly onto our stage floor. From the inside our loading door is located in the upstage-right most corner of the stage. It is a double-door. Each door is approx. 6’w x 10’h. It opens out onto the backyard of the theater house (heading north).

For more detailed information on our facility and resources please refer to the following link of our Technical Specification Sheet.