The first step of folks’ involvement with our theatre has always been through their initial efforts at being a Volunteer. We cannot tell you how much we always need and value that precious donation of your time, energy and effort!

We have always been blessed by having so many talented actors, singers and dancers wanting to volunteer their time to grace our stage. But a greater portion of the volunteer activity – that allows us any chance at all of putting our shows on the stage – is done behind the scenes by board members, theatre members, and by many, many other volunteers, young and old, who manage all of the various support activities “around” the performances. These are literally thousands of hours of work per show done with willing hands and able minds. We always need help with auditions, audience hospitality, set construction and painting, costume building, prop managing, stage managing, tech booth operator (sound or lights), graphic design, grant writing, fundraising, ad sales, photography, marketing and publicity, or special events coordination.  If you have any experience in these areas or would like to help, or learn how to help, in any of these areas of our theatre then we implore you to please contact our Box Office, at (310) 828-7519. Or email us at info@morgan-wixson.org.  If you are not aware of what is going on at any given time, please get connected by becoming a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube follower, or sign up at mwtpublicity@gmail.com to receive our weekly emails.

If you are available to usher for any of our productions, we always have spaces available. Please contact our Adult Volunteer Coordinator, Tom Laskey, or the Box Office if you can help. (Click here for contact info.) Please check with our website calendar of events and then just let our volunteer coordinators know exactly when you will be available.

Please feel free to introduce a friend, a family member, a colleague or anyone who you feel would also like to become a theatre volunteer, a member, a subscriber, a contributor or who would like to make a special donation.  

We thank you, in advance, for all of your support!