(red indicates musical or play-with-music)  Genre Key:  AF= Animal Fantasy  RF=Realistic Fiction  HF=Historical Fiction  YM=Youth Musical
9/25/04-10/10/04 Brownies, Bicycles & Bigfoot Callan Stout Callan Stout Anne Gesling Lewis Stout N/A
11/04-12/04 Once Upon a Mattress  ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling Deb Verla N/A
Jan. 2005 The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams James Still Tara Redepenning Lewis Stout AF
3/19/05-4/3/05 David and Goliath Josh Schulz Josh Schulz Wynn Marlow Anat Barzalai & Chana Messer N/A
Y.E.S. Season 1:
Summer 2005 Alexander & the No Good Judith Viorst Virost & Markham Tara Redepenning RF
9/17/05-10/12/05 The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams James Still Tara Redepenning Lewis Stout AF
11/05-12/05 Oklahoma ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling Deb Verla & Adrienne Breslow YM
Feb. 2006 Junie B. Jones Barbara Park Joan Cushing Anne Gesling Tara Redepenning RF
3/25/06-4/9/06 By the Great Horn Spoon Sid Fleischman Sid Fleischman Lewis Stout Chana Messer & Tara Redepenning HF
Summer 2006 James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl David Wood Anne Gesling Sciarabba & Sindel AF
Y.E.S. Season 2:
10/28/06-11/12/06 The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling Callan Stout Lewis Stout Anat Barzilai, Barbara Stout AF
11/06-12/06 Fiddler on the Roof ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling Sindel & Varela YM
2/3/07-2/18/07 Miss Nelson is Missing Harry Allard Jeffrey Hatchert Deanna Ableser Anne Gesling & Lewis Stout RF
3/31/07-4/15/07 Charlotte’s Web E.B. White Joseph Robinette Cyndy Turnage Mary Beth Sciarabba AF
5/18/07-6/03/07 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Kevin Henkes Kevin Kling Alex Pierdant Anne Gesling AF
7/14/07-7/29/07 Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren Thomas W. Olson Lewis Stout Anat Barzalai, Chana Messer, Mary Beth Sciarabba RF
Y.E.S. Season 3:
10/13/07-10/28/07 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Laura Joffe Numeroff Jody Davidson Cyndy Turnage Chana Messer & Mary Beth Sciarabba AF
11/10/07-12/15/07 42nd Street ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling Adrienne Breslow, R. Sindel YM
2/2/08-2/17/08 Bunnicula Deborah, James Howe Jon Klein Sarah D’Agostino Anne Gesling & Adrienne Breslow AF
3/22/08-4/15/08 The Hundred Dresses Eleanor Estes William Kent Williams Mary Beth Pape Chana Messer, Mary Beth Sciarabba, Lewis Stout RF
5/17/08-6/1/08 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Judy Blume Bruce Mason Alex Pierdant Marc Ostroff RF
7/12/08-7/27/08 Mr. Popper’s Penguins Richard, Flo Atwater Albert O. Mitchell Anne Gesling Sindel & Martins AF
Y.E.S. Season 4:
10/4/08-10/19/08 If You Give a Moose a Muffin Laura Joffe Numeroff Steve Garfinkel AF
11/8/08-12/13/08 Bye Bye Birdie ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling YM
1/31/09-2/15/09 A Little Princess Frances H. Burnett Mary Beth Pape HF
3/28/09-4/12/09 My Father’s Dragon Ruth Stiles Gannett James Sie Cyndy Turnage Jill Carpaninni AF
5/16/09-5/31/09 True Story of the 3 Little Pigs Jon Scieszka Kauzlaric,Gilvary, Rush Anne Gesling AF
7/11/09-7/26/09 Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Bernard Waber Calvit & Howe Alex Pierdant Gina Oster (Renshaw) AF
Y.E.S. Season 5:
10/3/09-10/18/09 Too Many Frogs Sandra Asher Sandra Asher Jordan Bland Adam D. AF
11/7/09-12/12/09 A Winter’s Tale Charles Dickens David Patrick Taylor Anne Gesling Adrienne Breslow YM
1/30/10-2/15/10 The Amazing Bone William Steig Eric Lane Barnes Kristy Pace Tracy & David Saltzman AF
3/27/10-4/11/10 A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle James Sie Anne Gesling Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman AF
5/15/10-5/30/10 Many Moons James Thurber C. Chorpenning Mary Beth Pape Sciarabba & Lax AF
7/10/10-7/25/10 The Stinky Cheese Man Jon Scieszka Stephens & Rue Celeste Pawol Christine Brewer AF
Y.E.S. Season 6:
10/9/10-10/24/10 If You Take a Mouse to School Laura Numeroff Steve Garfinkel Kristy Pace Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman AF
11/13/10-12/11/10 Thoroughly Modern Milllie ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling McGowan & Giglio YM
2/5/11-2/20/11 Pinkalicious Victoria & Elizabeth Kann Kann & Gregor Anne Gesling Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman RF
3/26/11-4/10/11 Miss Nelson is Back Allard & Marshall Garfinkel Rhonda Kohl Anne Gesling & Kristy Pace RF
5/14/11-5/29/11 Thank You, Mr. Falker Patricia Polacco Bentz & Ellis Lane Williamson Jennifer Polhemus & Mary Morra RF
7/9/11-7/24/11 Pinkalicious Victoria & Elizabeth Kann Kann & Gregor Anne Gesling Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman RF
Y.E.S. Season 7:
9/24/11-10/9/11 Frog Belly Rat Bone Emily Coalson Rogue Artists’ Ensemble Rogue Artists’ Ensemble Kristy Pace AF
11/12/11-12/18/11 Seussical ——-Youth Musical——- Anne Gesling Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman YM
2/4/12-2/19/12 Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Nancy Linehan Charles Nancy Linehan Charles Anne Gesling RF
3/24/12-4/8/12 Brave Irene Joan Cushing Kristy Pace Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman RF
5/12/12-5/27/12 How I Became A Pirate Janet Vogt & Mark Friedman Bentz & Ellis Anne Gesling Christine Brewer & Kimberly Venable RF
7/14/12-7/29/12 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Kevin Kling Kann & Gregor George Nikitas Mary Beth Sciarabba & Jonathan Saia RF
Y.E.S. Season 8:
 11/10/12-12/15/12 Once Upon A Mattress —-Youth Musical—- Anne Gesling Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman YM
 2/5/13 – 2/14/13 Midsummer Night’s Dream  William Shakespeare  Nancy Linehan Charles Nancy Linehan Charles  Anne Gesling & Teri Senior RF
 3/26/13-4/4/13 Madeleine and the Gypsies  Ludwig Bemelmans Anne Gesling  Christine Brewer & Kimberly Venable RF
 5/21/13-5/30/13 Freckleface Strawberry  Julianne Moore Anne Gesling  Christine Brewer & Teri Senior RF
 7/13/13-7/28/13 Alice in Wonderland  Lewis Carol  William Wilday William Wilday  Teri Senior & Joey Moretti RF
Y.E.S. Season 9:
 10/5/13 – 10/20/13 Le PeTit CiRqUe Nathalie Gaulthier Nathalie Gaulthier  Tracy Saltzman  RF
 11/9/13 – 12/14/13 Beauty & the Beast, Jr  —-Youth Musical—- Anne Gesling  T. Saltzman & Joey Moretti  YM
 2/1/14 – 2/16/14 SchoolHouse Rock Live! Scott Ferguson, Kyle Hall and George Keating Anne Gesling  Tracy Saltzman  RF
 3/22/14 – 4/6/14 Willy Wonka  Roald Dahl’s Leslie Bricusse & Timothy Allen McDonald Anne Gesling Joey Moretti & Kathleen Stuart  RF
 5/17/14 – 6/1/14 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing  Judy Blume  Bruce Mason Dalia Vosylius Joey Moretti & Teri Senior RF
 7/12/14 – 7/27/14 Charlotte’s Web  E.B. White  Joseph Robinette William Wilday Mary Beth Sciarabba & Tracy Saltzman  AF
Y.E.S. Season 10:
 11/08/14 – 12/13/14  White Christmas  Irving Berlin, David Ives & Paul BlakeYouth Musical  Anne Gesling  T. Saltzman & Joey Moretti YM
 1/31/15 – 2/15/15  Junie B. Jones, The Musical Barbara Park, Marcy Heisler, Zina Goldrich  Anne Gesling  T. Saltzman & Joey Moretti RF
 3/21/15 – 4/5/15  Fancy Nancy, The Musical Susan Dilallo, Danny Abosch  Anne Gesling Kecia Golay, Tracy Saltzman & Mary Beth Sciarabba RF
 5/16/15 – 5/31/15  Aladdin, Jr. Alan Menken, Howard Ashman & Tim Rice Jim Luigs & Bryan Louiselle  Anne Gesling Teri Senior, Kathleen Stuart RF
 7/11/15 – 7/26/15  Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat  Dr. Seuss  Katie Mitchell  Joseph Moretti Joey Moretti, Christine Brewer & Kimberly Venable AF
 Y.E.S. Season 11:
 11/7/2015 – 12/12/2015 Shrek, The Musical  Jeanine Tesori, David Lindsay Abaire  Anne Gesling  T. Saltzman & Joey Moretti  YM
 1/30/16 – 2/14/16 100 Dresses  Mary Hall Surface  Anne Gesling  Joey Moretti & William Wilday  RF
 3/19/16 – 4/3/16 Pinkalicious Victoria & Elizabeth Kann  Anne Gesling  T. Saltzman & Hope Wintner Meisel AF
 5/14/16 – 5/29/16  A Year with Frog and Toad  Willie Reale, Robert Reale  Anne Gesling  Teri Senior & Michelle Dilworth  AF
 The Jungle Book  William Wilday  AF
 Y.E.S. Season 12:
 11/12/2016 – 12/10/2016 Thoroughly Modern Milllie  ——-Youth Musical——-  Anne Gesling YM
 1/28/2017 – 2/12/2017  True Story of the 3 Little Pigs  Jon Scieszka  Kauzlaric, Gilvary, Rush  Anne Gesling  Joseph Moretti AF
 3/18/2017 – 4/2/2017  The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Timothy A. McDonald, Jonathan Waller, David Weinstein, & Stephen Gabriel  Anne Gesling  RF
 5/13/2017 – 5/28/2017   HONK! Anthony Drewe & George Stiles  Anne Gesling  RF
 7/15/2017 – 7/30/2017  Pinocchio  Carlo Collodi  Greg Banks  RF