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All auditions are open calls, with notices posted in BackStage West, by email, and on our website. You may also call the box office for audition information, approximately 8-10 weeks before a show opens. To sign up for our Y.E.S. Audition email list, please click here.

Open Auditions for Ages from 8 – 18




Book by Timothy Allen McDonald

Music by Timothy Allen McDonald, Jonathan K. Waller, David Weinstein & Stephen Gabriel

Lyrics by Timothy Allen McDonald & Jonathan K. Waller

Directed by: ANNE GESLING
Choreography by: EILEEN ODONNELL
Music Direction by: ZOE D’ANDREA

   Produced by: HOPE MEISEL and EVELYN VIZZI

Stanley Lambchop is your ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill, ten-year-old: normal mom and dad, normal little brother, normal life. That’s just the problem… for Stanley, life is too normal. He wants to travel the world, do something amazing, something no one’s ever seen before. Careful what you wish for, Stanley! One night, the bulletin board on the wall above Stanley’s bed comes loose and falls – right on top of Stanley! The next morning, Stanley Lambchop wakes up flat. Not just a little flat… really, REALLY flat! In a whirlwind musical travelogue, Stanley – the ultimate exchange student – scours the globe for a solution to his unusual problem. He’s stamped, posted and cancelled from Hollywood and France to Honolulu and beyond. And, whether he’s thwarting a robbery at the Louvre Museum in Paris, or “hanging ten” off the coast of Hawaii, Stanley is closing in on his goal of being a three-dimensional boy once more.

Monday, February 6, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. (Stage)

Tuesday, February 7, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. (Stage)

No Appointment Needed.  Actors only need to attend one day of auditions.

CALLBACKS on Wednesday, February 8 from 4:00 to 6:30pm. (Stage)

You will be notified by email if you will be needed for Callbacks.
Prepare 32 bars (verse and chorus) of an uptempo song with accompaniment on a CD.  No music accompaniment on Iphones, Ipads or the Android equivalents since we do not have playback facilities for anything other than CD’s in the rehearsal hall.  Be prepared to dance.
Santa Monica’s Morgan-Wixson Theatre, 2627 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Street parking available. Venice Family Clinic’s parking lot is available on weekends and on weekdays after 6 p.m. Do not park at our neighbors AAMCO/Viking Motors or SGI or you will be towed.
March 18 through April 2, 2017 Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 a.m., including 2 school show performances on March 21st and March 30th. School Shows will require actors to miss their morning classes, but they can receive community service credit.  Please note that actors MUST be available for all performances, including School Shows. This is non-negotiable!
Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, February 9 and are held Monday through Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm and Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Actors are not called for all rehearsals, only rehearsals where they are being used for a scene. Rehearsals will be worked around actors schedules as much as possible.  As always, we consider homework a priority!
A picture (school picture or snapshot is fine), resume or list of shows done, and your conflicts for the rehearsal period. All conflicts MUST be submitted prior to callbacks.  If additional conflicts arise after casting, it may result in an actor being replaced.



Female Roles

Mrs. Lambchop – 14-18, alto belt (to D), Stanley’s Mom, smart and definitely in control.

Mrs. Cartero – 12-18, alto belt, a sassy postal worker, fun-loving and extremely likable.

Bikini Wahini – Female, 12-18, mezzo to F with good belt, Stanley’s co-star. Think Goldie Hawn back in her Laugh-In days.

Sam – 10-13, voice open, Stanley’s friend who moved to Los Angeles.

Mona Lisa – 10-18, voice open, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting come to life.

Sneak Thief – 10-18, voice open, a world-class art burglar.

Hollywood Assistants – 12-18, altos & sopranos, assistants to the Hollywood Agent.

Male Roles

Stanley – 10-13, boy soprano, a boy who wants to do “amazing things the world has never seen before.”

Mr. Lambchop – 14-18, baritone, Stanley’s Dad, gently authoritative and likable.

Napoleon – 10-18, voice open, Jacques-Louis David’s painting come to life.

Male or Female Roles

Arthur – 9-12, soprano, Stanley’s little brother (or sister), very serious about school and follows the rules.

Bulletin Board – 10-18, alto or baritone, a magical creature, like the tooth fairy, who grants kids’ wishes but with a little twist.

Doctor Dan – 10-18, voice open, a hard-of-hearing, overworked Doctor.

Hollywood Agent – 12-18, alto belt or baritone, a slick, old-style agent.

O. Jay D’art – 10-18, voice open, the curator for the Louvre museum.

Herb Wavecrest – 10-18, voice open, an entertainment reporter.

We will be using a small ensemble in the show for ages 8-18.  Ensemble must sing and dance well.


Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to Anne Gesling at

Non-Equity, no pay
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