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May 2 – May 24, 2015


Directed by PAUL GUAY



The hotel bedroom is on fire.  In the face of crackling flames, deadly heat, and imminent catastrophe, the guests, the bellboy, and the firemen remain resolutely British.



When light illuminates the stage for the audience, the characters can’t see — they plunge into a world of darkness.  Unfortunately, this happens to be the night when desperate sculptor Brindsley Miller has “borrowed” furniture and art from the absent collector next door to impress his fiancée’s intimidating father and a wealthy art dealer.

When the collector unexpectedly returns, only to be joined by a tipsy tee-totaling spinster, a horny ex-girlfriend, and a German electrician, Brindsley frantically tries to keep everyone in the dark long enough to return the stolen items before light is restored, illusions are shattered, and his lies are revealed.

When the lights go out, the laughter begins.

BLACK COMEDY.  The most fun you’ll ever have in the dark.

Audience Talk-Backs will immediately follow the performances on May 8th and May 17th.



Ed – Steve Weber

Bob – Scott Gerard

The Bellboy – Rick Galiher

 First Fireman – Josh Fingerhut

 Second Fireman – Daniel Koh



Brindsley Miller – Tristan Wright

Carol Melkett – Angela Bray

Miss Furnival – Susan Hardie

Colonel Melkett – Josh Fingerhut

Harold Gorringe – Michael Silva

Clea – Samantha Barrios

Franz Schuppanzigh – David Narloch

George Bamberger – Rick Galiher


Book by Adapted by Heather Hach
Music & Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin

June 27 – August 1, 2015

Directed by ANNE GESLING
Produced by TBD

Elle Woods appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside-down, however, when her boyfriend dumps her so he can start getting serious about his life and attend Harvard Law. Determined to get him back, Elle uses her charm to get into Harvard Law. At school, she struggles with peers, professors, and Warner Huntington. With the help of Paulette and Emmett, though, Elle quickly realizes her potential and sets out to prove herself to the world.

Audience Talk-Backs immediately following the performances on TBD.