Youth Education/Entertainment Series


Y.E.S. is part of the Morgan-Wixson Theatre’s commitment to engaging young audiences, training young talent, and supporting literacy. Participants range in age from 8-18.

Y.E.S. offers four youth productions each year and one full-length Youth Musical each November/ December; performances are on Saturdays and Sundays. Most Y.E.S. shows are selected to support national and local school reading lists. For information about our weekday school shows, send an email to mwtyes@gmail.com.

Y.E.S. tickets are $10, or $7 for children 12 and under. Adult and children’s ticket prices for the Youth Musical are all $15.

Auditions for Y.E.S. productions are open to all and there are no fees or membership dues for participation. To perform or work behind-the-scenes, please sign up for the audition list by clicking on the email list link.

Y.E.S. offers real-world experience for kids who want to learn the art and craft of theatre. Youth participants express and grow in their talents under the guidance of adult mentors as they develop performing, artistic, and technical expertise while producing and performing before live audiences. Y.E.S. offers a setting of high expectations, professional standards, and personal responsibility. Y.E.S. is free to all participants and does not charge fees or dues to participate.

Y.E.S. expects all participants to:

  • Manage their own calendar and arrive on time
  • Learn their lines and blocking
  • Perform their roles and tasks to the best of their talents
  • Assist their fellow artists
  • Present themselves at all times with fairness and equality*
  • Adhere to the highest standards of courtesy and helpfulness, and to serve as a role model for all*

* these expectations are also for parents.

Students are expected to manage their time well and devote appropriate time to their studies. Participation in a Y.E.S. production must not be used as an excuse for poor academic performance.

For more information about being involved in Y.E.S. productions, click here

For more information about being involved in a Youth Musical production, click here